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  • Sainte Cru

    Converting every friend of industrial beer into a hop junkie

    Tempête du Désert

    Fresh flavour of citrus fruits highlighted by the zest of oranges and the pulp of grapefruit, with a scent of pine needles. A light malt, with a dry and delicate fruity taste


    Style: Pale Ale

    Malts: Pale, Munich 25

    Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial

    Alcohol: 5.5% IBUS: 40

    Sex, Ale & Rock'n Roll

    Intense flavour of a red fruits mix with light touch of exotic savours. Full flavour, mouth and nose are in harmony, followed by a strong bitterness. A hint of resin accompanies a warm final taste, fruity and caramelized


    Style: Double IPA

    Malts: Pale

    Hops: Simcoe, Columbus, Centennial

    Alcohol: 8.5% IBUS: 85

    Red is Dead

    Great finesse of red fruits flavor, with hint of citrus and improved with exotic fruits (pomegranate, mangos). Start with a light caramel mouth and then the red fruits appear with nice sparking bitter ending.


    Style: Imperial Red Ale

    Malts: Pils, Pale, Caramber, Dark Caramber

    Hops: Simcoe, Columbus, Citra

    Alcohol: 7.2% IBUS: 45


    A selfish pleasure. Strong, fresh and fruity flavour dominated by a massive hops taste. Citrus mixed with an ensemble of cassis, blackberry and strawberries hints. A strong and complex taste on top of a rich portion of hop. Between malts and toast, the roasting is revealed to drive to a superb final taste, including resin, kumquat and lime


    Style: Black IPA

    Malts: Pils, Cara Munich type 3, Carafa 3

    Hops: Columbus, Amarila, Simcoe, Citra

    Alcohol: 7.2% IBUS: 75

    Apocalypse Now

    A fleshy, strong and warm taste. Extremely smooth flavor emphasized by the caramel and the plum on a top of a base evoking walnut, liquorice and hints of gingerbread. The base is roasted and surrounded by a strong bitter feeling.


    Style: Belgian Brown Ale

    Malts: Pils, Munich 25, Cara Munich type 3

    Hops: Columbus, Brewer's Gold

    Alcohol: 8.0% IBUS: 60

    No future

    The End of the Road, for those who want to finish in style. Nose is intense on roasted malt, dark chocolate, roasted coffee. hints of dark ripe fruits. Aroma is on a creamy dark chocolate, smooth brown biscuit and chocolate body.


    Style: Imperial Stout

    Malts: Pale, Munich 15, Munich 25, Rauchmalz, Caramunich 3, Caramber, Cararoma, roasted barley

    Hops: Columbus

    Alcohol: 11.0% IBUS: 120

  • BrasserieThiriez

    Bière artisanale des Flandres

    La Blonde  d’Esquelbecq

    Spicy, piquant. There’s more than a hint of Saison about this blonde beer. Something earthy and spicy, a complexity that almost frightens, but at the same time beckons, and tantalizes. We love it when a beer is so forward, so fearless – so sophisticated, but so excitingly rough.


    Style: Blonde Ale

    Alcohol: 6.0%

    L’Ambrée d’Esquelbecq

    Thiriez Amber is a celebration of wholesome, freshly harvested barley malt, and that is what you get in the nose. Some of the malt is lightly roasted, which lends a mild, nutty flavor, and gives the beer a reddish tinge. It’s more of a red beer than an amber one, truth be told.


    Style: Amber Ale

    Alcohol: 4.9%

    Les Québécoises

    A great wheat Ale very easy to drink and refreshing. Light body, soft carbonation. Brewed with wheat malt, in addition to barley malt, quite Belgian in character but the citrus and sweet flavors make it a delicious and typical French experience. Halfway between a blanche and a blonde.


    Style: Wheat Beer

    Alcohol: 5.5%

    L’Etoile Du Nord

    Blonde, light in alcohol. Very aromatic hops from Kent, used generously, gives it its unique character.

    Collaboration with with John Davidson from Swale Brewery.


    Style: Hoppy Saison

    Alcohol: 5.5%

    Birthday Session (20 years Special)

    A collaboration between Brasserie Thiriez and Brasserie de la Senne to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brewery. Subtle, delicate and exceptionally smooth.


    Style: Saison

    Alcohol: 5.2%

  • About our French Breweries

    Sainte Cru

    Neither really being musically, nor lyrically gifted, a true talent expresses itself through craft beer !

    Our leitmotif : a pinch of well-considered risk, inducing to daring and innovation, sustained by the taste we were looking for. All this leads to a production of types of beer with strong personalities. More collaborations, more craft brewing : By underlining our originality in the world of beer, we wish to ensure that the brewery Sainte-Cru takes part in the “Craftbeer” revolution aiming to wake up the consumer’s numb taste.

    1/3 of illumination and non-conformism, 1/3 of technique and obsession and 1/3 of perfect quality raw material to deliver a 100% taste orgasm.

    Brasserie Thiriez

    Handmade beers

    Daniel Thiriez’s rustic little brick-and-beam brewery graces the village of Esquelbecq, plunk in the middle of the rolling farm country of French Flanders. With a brewing degree from a Belgian university, and decidedly ‘Belgian-oriented,’ Monsieur Thiriez makes ales with an earthy, slightly wild character that recalls the early days of farmhouse brewing, before there was a border between France and Belgium.